Using Technology to Improve School-Based
Mental Health Outcomes

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With Category 1 contracts having just been awarded to 10 California counties by the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, many counties and providers are currently evaluating alternatives for developing and improving mental health programs in their school districts.

Working with clinicians and administrators at school districts for more than a decade, we’ve developed technology-based solutions to common challenges. In this webinar, Dr. Steve Weatherbee walked through solutions that:

  • Allow counselors, clinicians and other frontline staff to screen students for mental health and substance abuse issues rapidly and accurately (and without specialized training)
  • Empower counties, providers and school-based services to triage and coordinate care
  • Enable staff to monitor student response to intervention and evaluate program effectiveness
  • Provide interoperability with your EHR so clinicians, students and their families can access all client health data from any authorized device

Dr. Weatherbee also answered questions during the live Q&A session. Submit the web form to watch the recording now.

Webinar Presenter


Dr. Steve Weatherbee, CEO of eCenter Research

Dr. Weatherbee has spent decades working in education, behavioral health, public health, and more. He has experienced the unique challenges that exist in this field from multiple disciplines. His work in program evaluation lead him to create eINSIGHT to empower behavioral health service providers to improve client outcomes.