School Mental Health Needs Assessment Software

Promote better outcomes for students through coordinated care and early screening for social, emotional, and substance use problems.

Help More Students With Software That Empowers Your Staff

Not all counties have the resources or expertise required to provide mental health or substance abuse assessment in schools.

eINSIGHT includes the Adolescent Development Screening Inventory for Education (ADSI-E). The ADSI-E was designed to help schools identify potential behavioral health problems and substance abuse risks in youth as early as grade 7.

Empower your staff to make a difference in at-risk youth that require help by ensuring that they have access to social services and partner providers when they need it most.

Rapid and Accurate Student Assessment

Education systems rarely have the resources or tools to properly assess and recommend treatment for students. But the earlier you identify the issue, the sooner you can connect students with social service providers to set them on the path to success. With an instrument like the ADSI, you can choose from Brief Screen (2 mins), Short Assessment (8 mins) and Full Assessment (20 mins).

eINSIGHT improves student outcomes by helping your staff accurately and rapidly identify student needs and strengths and make appropriate referral decisions for connecting them with partner service providers within your network.

Target Treatment and Coordinate Care

Teachers and guidance counselors are the frontline staff that are closest to students, however, they lack the formal training necessary to objectively and accurately assess student needs, provide social and emotional interventions, and effectively triage to engage partner providers when needed.

No special training is necessary to administer the ADSI-E. The rapid screener and follow up short assessment take just minutes and the analysis and report are instant.

Quantify Student Response to Treatment

School systems may suspect whenever certain students have issues, but the ability to identify suitable referrals to treatment providers doesn’t exist. Guidance counselors are not trained clinicians and they rely on accurate information to make appropriate referrals.

eINSIGHT enables schools to identify the type of interventions that can be manageable in school and whether a specialized referral to a partner agency is needed.

Demonstrate Program Effectiveness

Detecting problems early on is a cost-effective tactic to treating behavioral and substance abuse problems. But the majority of behavioral and substance abuse problems aren’t detected until it’s too late.

eINSIGHT uses the ADSI-E to solve this problem by giving schools the tools they need to rapidly screen and assess students. Our platform offers an effective way to reduce strain on essential social services by ensuring that students get what they need before they develop detrimental long-term adverse outcomes, and are at risk of school drop out.

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