Streamline Individual Education (IEP) and
Learning Support Plannings (LSP)

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In order to meet the needs of individual students who require a range of support, an education plan is developed based on the student’s strengths and needs.

In this webinar, Dr. Steve Weatherbee walked through how to utilize an electronic IEP/LSP builder to streamline plan development and access historical plans.

The categories to document provided for IEP and LSP are;

  • Demographics – student, classroom teacher, planning team
  • Student History – Learning Support Plan, Individual Education Plan
  • Student Profile – current services, assessments, strengths, interests and challenges
  • Curricular Adaptations – environmental, lesson presentation, organization, assignments, test taking, behaviors, visual impairment, deaf and hard of hearing
  • Gifted/Enrichment Adaptations – content, process, product, physical social and psychological
  • Student Goals and Objectives – envision a future (current year and future years), student goals and objectives

Webinar Presenter


Dr. Steve Weatherbee: Product Development Consultant, Paradigm Shift Achievement Plus

Dr. Weatherbee is the CEO of eINSIGHT and works with school districts across North America to implement modern web-based data collection and reporting strategies. He has spent decades working in education as a teacher, department head, vice-principal, and principal in both elementary and secondary schools.