Affordable & Agile HIE Interoperability

eINSIGHT brings practical terms and real-world value to Health Information Exchange (HIE) interoperability. A technological network solution that enables connectivity between disparate systems allowing data to easily be shared across multiple providers and counties through a Clinical Data Repository.

Health and Human Services (HHS) rules will require EHR vendors, providers, and insurance plans to give clients access to their health information through any web-enabled device. By April, 2022 clients must be empowered to access and manage their personal healthcare information. The eINSIGHT HIE provides you with an innovative, cost effective, turn-key solution to meet these requirements.

Interoperability Solutions

Enable connectivity between disparate systems and share data across multiple providers and counties.

Put your health plan enrollees in charge of their own health data and ensure 100% interoperability.

Access data from multiple EHRs without paying for costly vendor upgrades and customization services.

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