EHR Interoperability Solutions

Eliminate the overhead of building and maintaining a complex HIE solution. Partner with eINSIGHT to rapidly implement interoperability with your existing EHR.

Create Your EHR Network

Enable your clients to meet EHR interoperability compliance by provisioning your own instance of the eINSIGHT HL7-FHIR standards Health Information Exchange and empower them with enterprise level API access to a regional Clinical Data Repository.



Build a Clinical Data Repository

Building and maintaining HIE technology solutions can be costly, time consuming, and fraught with bugs resulting in unhappy clients. Provision your own hassle free enterprise Clinical Data Repository, provide your clients with an out-of-the-box solution, and crystallize your contracts by providing a regional and national Health Information Exchange strategy.

Lead and Leverage Data Access

Electronic health records are only one source of important data. The shift toward value-based care will require a consolidated data set consisting of clinical information from EHRs, behavioral health outcomes data, and social determinants of health. Empower clinicians with full access to client records at the point of care and in turn give patients secure access and control of their complete record in eINSIGHT as the ‘single source of truth’.

Monitor Population Outcomes

Empower your organizations to access population health data for automated analysis to identify frequent users of multiple health and social systems that have poor health outcomes. Enable targeted treatment through collaborative and systematic care coordination. Your clients will have access to the wealth of data they need to support their strategic planning to improve health management practices by sharpening their focus on reducing costs through positive population health outcomes.

Utilize our Independent Expertise

Leverage our eINSIGHT HIE solution to build your EHR Network strategy in a way that works for your company through our flexible business model. Overcome the challenges of effective Health Information Exchange implementation by mitigating technological challenges with a ready-built enterprise level HL7-FHIR standards-based solution so you can maintain focus on your customers success.

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