Drug Use Screening Inventory (DUSI)

The gold standard in validated addictions and mental health screening and assessment.

A Flexible Tool for Brief Screening and Comprehensive Assessment

The Drug Use Screening Inventory (DUSI) is the culmination of decades of research, and the desire to create an instrument that is simple, accurate, doesn’t require specialized training, and provides a complete profile of the client’s strengths and needs.

Created by the pre-eminent expert on addiction Dr. Ralph Tarter (University of Pittsburgh), the DUSI is widely published in the top peer-reviewed journals, translated into over 15 languages, and the most comprehensive screening and assessment tool in use worldwide.

Improve the Accuracy of Assessments

There is no national standard for utilizing validated assessments which often leads to inaccurate client assessment and subsequently ineffective treatment.

The DUSI is a peer-reviewed solution backed by decades of research, gold standard psychometric properties, powerful algorithms that improve the accuracy of identifying client needs and strengths, and quantifying severity of problems.

Simplified Question Structure

Mental health and substance abuse are complex matters. Complicated question structures and structured clinical interviews can be time consuming and may lead to inaccurate client assessment.

The DUSI is a self-report series of questions requiring a ‘yes/no’ answer. Only a grade 5 reading level is required and an audio option is available if needed. The result is an instant and complete psychosocial profile that informs next steps for targeted treatment, referral to specialized services, and monitoring of client response to treatment.

Flexible Approach to Assessing Clients

Mental health and substance use assessments are challenging and often too narrow in scope to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique needs and strengths.

The DUSI can perform both a rapid initial screening and comprehensive assessment in less than 30 minutes and no specialized training is required. You can quickly gather the data you need to better understand where your client is and what services they may still require.

Sophisticated Psychometrics

Traditional screening and assessment methods are often subjective and leave out important details or fail to analyze every aspect of a client’s unique circumstances.

The DUSI uses sophisticated psychometrics to develop a thorough understanding of current and changing status of needs, quantify severity of problems, assess the level of criminogenic risk, monitor response to treatment, monitor risk of relapse and recidivism, and other useful metrics.

Available For Both Youth and Adults

Internalized behavioral problems in youth rarely get detected and the lack of early intervention leads to manifestation of more serious conditions throughout the course of adolescence and early adulthood.

The DUSI has common domains of functioning in the youth and adult versions resulting in seamless transition and monitoring of client needs and progress throughout developmental stages from adolescence to adulthood.

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