After screening and assessing clients, behavioral health professionals must develop a targeted treatment plan that takes into account multiple domains of functioning. Understanding underlying reasons for a particular disorder is necessary for developing treatment that will have significant, sustainable positive outcomes.

eINSIGHT treatment planning software for mental health and substance abuse empowers behavioral health organizations to (1) rapidly and accurately assess clients, (2) develop targeted treatment plans, (3) monitor client response to treatment and (4) report on population outcomes to demonstrate program effectiveness. Watch the short video below to learn how eINSIGHT enables clinicians to develop more effective targeted treatment plans.

Video Transcript

When organizations have a client in front of them and they need to determine what the treatment plan is going to be, that is highly dependent on an accurate and comprehensive assessment because the unique needs of one client can vary in some ways greatly from another client, even in situations where both clients have let’s say the same diagnosed disorder.

Some of the underlying reasons for that disorder, in one case you’ve got a highly functional family and you’ve got substance abuse going on. In another case you have a highly dis-functional family and you’ve got substance abuse going on. You can’t target treatment by not knowing the key areas that are underlying and driving some of the challenges that manifest outcomes. Problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, whatever those manifested in terms of challenges that person is facing.

You can’t target treatment unless you understand what the underlying needs are of that client. In one case, the family is an actual asset, it’s a strength. In the other case, it’s not and so how you approach treatment, often referred to as targeted treatment or person centered care, is that you have to understand unique situation and symptomology of that particular person so that you’re not wasting time and resources.

What would be the point of implementing family therapy with a family that’s highly functional. I mean, if you took those two people at face value and you said you’re both going into a family therapy program without knowing that one is a highly functional family and the other one is a highly dis-functional family, you’re now wasting time and resources. Not to mention that you also present a risk of doing some harm by putting people in the incorrect program, introducing them to other factors, in some cases it can actually be harmful.

Learn how eINSIGHT can empower your staff to quickly develop targeted treatment plans for your mental health and substance abuse clients.