Behavioral health clinicians have long been in search of a multivariate mental health and drug use screening tool that solves daily administrative challenges and serves to improve long-term outcomes for their clients. The culmination of decades of research, the Drug Use Screening Inventory (DUSI) was developed to address shortcomings of other popular substance use and mental health screening instruments. More specifically, the DUSI was developed to provide organizations with an instrument that:

  • is simple to administer (including assessments that take 2/8/20 minutes to complete)
  • doesn’t require specialized training
  • is accurate with construct validity
  • provides a complete profile of the client’s strengths and needs
  • can be used to screen a variety of substance abuse AND mental health domains
Mental Health & Drug Use Screening Tool - Dr. Ralph Tarter delivering a keynote presentation
Dr. Ralph Tarter delivering a keynote presentation at this month’s Thriving Families conference in Findlay, Ohio.

Developed by Dr. Ralph Tarter, the preeminent authority on addiction, the DUSI has been translated into more than 15 languages and is considered to be the most comprehensive behavioral health screening and assessment tool in use worldwide.

Developed for both adolescents and adults, the DUSI goes far beyond merely screening and assessing clients and allows clinicians to target treatment, monitor individuals and report on results using sophisticated psychometrics. Paired with the eINSIGHT behavioral health data platform, clinicians, clinical directors, psychologists, judges, social workers and a variety of other frontline professionals can now be empowered to quickly, accurately and comprehensively assess the impact of treatment on individual clients and populations within or across programs, facilities, districts, counties and more.

Mental Health & Drug Use Screening Tool - Dr. Steve Weatherbee presenting eINSIGHT solution
Dr. Steve Weatherbee presenting the eINSIGHT solution to a group of substance abuse and mental health professionals.

Administering the DUSI on the web-based eINSIGHT platform provides small counties and even individual clinics with a powerful, flexible, low-cost alternative to unsustainable homegrown systems or costly complex EHR’s. Developed by Dr. Steve Weatherbee and Dr. Ralph Tarter, the eINSIGHT platform is currently in use across the US and Canada by behavioral health organizations, drug and mental health courts, corrections departments, school districts and more.

Learn more about the unique advantages of the DUSI in this short video.

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