Behavioral Health Software

Improve your ability to assess and interact with clients with an agile solution to comprehensive and coordinated care.

Elevate Your Organization to the Gold Standard

Your organization needs the right tools to succeed. eINSIGHT can function as a standalone clinical system that is designed to meet the specific needs of Behavioral Health or as an HL7-FIHR compliant EHR companion system that enables advanced real-time reporting of your population outcomes.

eINSIGHT can easily be configured to match your current workflow using a wide variety of assessments, including the DUSI, GAD-7, PHQ-9, CANS, PSC-35, and care coordination forms that can significantly increase the effectiveness of your clinicians.

Rapid and Accurate Client Assessment

Clinical staff need to effectively determine client needs from intake to post-treatment aftercare to ensure accurate assessment that informs ongoing decisions about programs and services that improve long-term outcomes.

You can choose from 30+ pre-loaded assessments and forms to rapidly and accurately identify needs and quantify severity or add your organizations current assessments or forms. Store and access client results on a secure platform that is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Target Treatment and Coordinate Care

A significant obstacle to care is the challenge of timely access to clinical information about the client. Get more value out of your budget by increasing the productivity of your employees. The eINSIGHT platform makes efficient triage possible by informing the level of care required and guiding the development of targeted treatment plans based on each client’s unique needs.

Our platform ensures that key stakeholders have access to the right data when making decisions including easy integration with existing electronic health records (EHRs).

Quantify Client Response to Treatment

Quantifying each client’s response to treatment is critical for client engagement and updating their treatment plan based on the client’s ongoing changes in needs and priorities. Individual client responses to treatment can be monitored within and across programs.

Clinicians can achieve greater accountability by ensuring client’s sustain treatment gains using eINSIGHT’s analytics and follow-up functionality that allow you to remotely re-assess clients and identify candidates who may be in the early stages of relapse and require proactive intervention.

Demonstrate Program Effectiveness

Organizations struggle with evaluating program effectiveness in real-time. Gone are the days of costly, after the fact, external evaluations that do little to inform decisions when they are needed most.

eINSIGHT offers a visual experience that is easy to work with so that your population health outcomes can be reported across clinicians, programs, facilities, regions and more to evaluate program effectiveness so you can demonstrate the impact of your programs to the county, state, or funder.

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Keep Your Client Data Protected

The eINSIGHT platform is HIPAA compliant with ultra-secure column-level encryption providing your organization with ‘Safe Harbor’ status.

Get Up & Running in Days

Rapidly deploy using a platform fully-configurable to your organization’s unique needs—with or without EHR integration.

Reduce Expenditures

Adopt a complete turn-key solution with an end user help desk that eliminates the need for in-house IT or other third-party solutions providers.

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